Home Schooling Curriculum

Home Schooling Curriculum – It’s Your Choice – Be Sure To Choose Well

Executive Summary about Home Schooling Curriculum by Teri B Clark

Curriculum For Home Schooling

Curriculum For Home Schooling

Finding the Right Curriculum

When choosing a curriculum, you need to keep in mind your teaching style and the learning style of your child. Some children work best with a lot of structure – others don’t. Some parents will find that a specific method works across all subjects – others won’t. There are three main curriculum choices available to you as a homeschooler.
1.  You can buy complete curriculum for each subject from different curriculum vendors.

2.  You can create your own curriculum.

· Teacher Guides

· Text Books

· Work Books

· Supplemental Reading Material

· Study Sheets

· Pre-Tests

· Exams

· Activities and Experiments

· Videos

· Audios

· Internet Support

· Certified Teacher Supporter

· Report Card

· Others

Some complete curriculums go beyond materials and support. They actually provide an assigned teacher that grades work and makes specific comments about that work. The advantages of a complete curriculum are:

· Ease

· Can find religious suppliers

· Structured

· Meets legal requirements

· Replicates school model

The disadvantages of a complete curriculum are:

· High cost

· Lots of work involved

· Child may not like the style or structure

· Less imagination and freedom

Mix and Match

Many parents mix and match different curriculum programs for different subjects. The advantages to combining different curriculums include:

· Allows you to teach to individual learning styles

· Uses a certified resource

· More freedom

The disadvantages to this method are:

Parents using this method must trust in their instincts and determine what the child needs based on the child.

The advantages to creating your own curriculum include:

· Choose your own style

· Less expensive

· More child based

· Fear of making the wrong decision

· Meeting the legal requirements is your responsibility

· Less structure

What is Unschooling?

John Holt originally coined the term. However, trying to define homeschooling is difficult. · Unschooling is about the process of learning. · Unschooling is about your child’s interests. · Unschooling is not planned. It is spontaneous learning in a “world as your classroom” environment

· Unschoolers believe that if you give a child a great learning environment, they will naturally learn.

· Unschoolers tend not to rely on any curriculum.

· Unschoolers believe that learning is just a natural part of living.

· Unschoolers trust their child to determine what they want to learn and when.

What are the Advantages of Unschooling?

1. Children discover that learning takes place everywhere and at all times. Learning is not a classroom only experience.

2. Children discover that learning does not require a leading adult.

3. There are no “extra-curricular” activities. All activities are part of the learning process.

4.  Unschooling works in any living situation. Whatever your child wants to do is part of unschooling. If your child wants to use a textbook, then that can be part of unschooling!

You can start and stop, mix and match, and create depending upon your needs and the needs of your child.

Home Schooling Curriculum

Home Schooling Curriculum – It’s Your Choice – Be Sure To Choose Well>>You Must Know About Education Learning And Teaching

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