Lesson Plans

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technology lesson plans

technology lesson plans

Many people who have been teaching TEFL for awhile get tired of writing lesson plans. Make sure you always keep a copy of the lesson plan. It will help you later if you change jobs or work the same class next term.

If you have a 20 chapter workbook and your school year is 10 months, you know that you can use 2 chapters per month. If it is the 5th month of school open to chapter 5 and start there. When writing lesson plans common sense will prevail every time.

I have found teaching older students, that it is easier to prepare. The younger students need more stimulation and will loose interest fast. If you are teaching conversation or grammar, science, math all of these things will play a part in your lesson plans. FOR THE SAKE OF THIS ARTICLE, WE ARE STICKING WITH TEACHING CONVERSATION TO OLDER STUDENTS.

OLDER STUDENTS – I class them as high school aged. You look through this chapter and find the key words. The key words are the main points of the subject. Here we are doing greetings and goodbyes, so your key words will be like – hello, goodbye, good morning, good afternoon etc….

Don’t spend the entire class speaking and repeating these words, it will get boring fast. Instead use about 10 minutes of the class speaking and repeating these words. Then go around the class and have students use the words with you. *TEACHER: Good morning, Paiboon. *STUDENT: Good morning, teacher. Find a worksheet that uses greetings and goodbyes and have the students complete that.

After the students have completed the worksheet call on students to stand up and read. If you still have time left, use the workbook for any extra work and have the students read aloud.

That is basically a one class lesson plan. Don’t try to force the students to speak every word, just keep the flow going and the time will be up faster.

Below is a sample lesson plan. Each place you work may their own lesson plan format and what they want on it. You can think of your lesson plan like a road map. CLASS: M1

MATERIALS: Workbook chapter 1, worksheet

VOCABULARY: Hello, Goodbye, Good Morning, Whats up, Later etc……

OBJECTIVE: Have the students know and understand greetings and goodbyes and use them in a conversation context.

PROCEDURE: Open the class with workbook and have students repeat the greeting and goodbyes (10 minutes). Go around the class and have student pairs use the words taught (10 minutes). Have the students complete the worksheet and practice using the vocabulary with pair speaking (15 minutes or more).

The students completed the workbook with no problems, but the worksheet seemed a little difficult.


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