The World Doesn’t Need Another Math Textbook

Executive Summary about Math by Ann LaRoche and Shahryar Badar

Math Problems

Math Problems

How in the world will people learn math without the latest and greatest math textbook. The same way people have always learned math prior to the modern education system, by doing math as they go about their everyday lives. It’s the reason I made this statement when I was asked if my new book, “Math is Child’s Play” was going to be a Math Textbook. But in all fairness, let’s look at both sides, school math versus everyday math.

First let’s look at school math. I have been studying of late the topic of Math Anxiety. Increasing number of people profess to hate math, to be ‘no good at math,’ to be anxious about doing basic math. These same people were taught math in our public schools. When did this situation of math anxiety start? A book from 1964, titled “Mathematics for Elementary Teachers” by Ralph Crouch and George Baldwin which was written to teach math to elementary teacher who found themselves expected to teach math although they had no training in math.

Math Problems

Math Problems

Marilyn Burns, a well known math expert, has been addresses math anxiety since 1970 with her first book, “I Hate Mathematics” right through to her more current book, “Math; Facing an American Phobia” 1998. The latter book speaks to math anxiety as a growing phenomenon. And more recently “Math for the Anxious” by Rosanne Proga, copyrighted 2005 also is very clear about math anxiety and its causes. Of course, all this math anxiety is good; at least it is for the math textbook industry.

Math anxiety sells math textbooks. Parents are concerned that their children learn math better than they did. Teachers are calling for a better way to teach math. This is great news for the math textbook companies. Is it possible for people to learn math in everyday life; running their business or household, doing projects, etc.? My daughter professed to hate math, yet she is doing math everyday on Neopets.

So what kind of math was it? I think she meant that it wasn’t ‘school math.’ When I pointed out that the calculation she did to fly the plane was math, she was adamant that it wasn’t because she wasn’t any good at math in school. Math is best learned in the real world, with real life situations. Halloween is also a great time for teaching about taxes.

Playing is a great way to learn math. Wow, here’s another real life example for learning math. I like playing games. You name it; board games, card games, strategy games. Games like cribbage, gin rummy, Scrabble actually help children practice addition and multiplication.

If you want to learn math, do a project like decorating a room. Wouldn’t that be something, having your child’s math project turn into a home-based business that pays for your child’s college education? When it comes to learning math, everyday life has plenty of opportunities and the learning is natural, not forced. On the other hand, the math anxiety problem is rooted in our modern education system.

The problem lies with having non-math experts teaching math as if they were experts. The problem lies with having math textbooks that present math in an artificial and rigid manner. It is obvious to me that it is time to throw the system out and go back to learning math in everyday life.

Math Teacher for Sportsman

“High powered Math Shake – Gulp one down today and say goodbye to your weak math forever.” Sports and Math.

Can sports and math go hand in hand ? It is common to find many talented soccer and basketball players, swimmers, athletes, gymnasts and other sportsmen struggling with Math.

As it is the Math problems are plaguing the students of all grades, age and aptitude but the math problems of the sportsman are particularly severe. Sport skills Vs Math skills.

Working as a Math tutor I have been teaching Math to state level soccer players, swimmers, athletes and even to amateur boxers ( thank God I teach math online ). I have found that many of them have weak math fundamentals but almost all of them have high analytical ability ( the most important raw material to learn math). The Ideal Math teacher for Sportsman.

Similarly a sports man requires a Math tutor who can custom design a Math lesson for his specific needs. This is how a math lesson should be made for a sportsman.So Math tutor should make sure that Math lesson is kept short yet power packed.

Once the sportsman is taught the right way of solving math problems, he starts picking up the rest of math pretty fast. Stop being his tutor, start being his trainer : Stop preaching a sports man theories of Math. Teach sportsperson Math in the language he understands : The secret to learn math lies in making your brain relate to it.

This way you not only learn Math faster but effortlessly as well. The math tutor should make it a point to give interesting stories and examples from the sporting world to drive home the math lesson.

This kind of Math tutoring for sportsman will make sure that learning math is as easy for him as gulping down a protein shake ( provided it is not that awful in taste ).


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