Higher Education

Technology Trends in Higher Education

Executive Summary about Higher Education by Amy Chapman and Nikolai Ivanov

Higher Education Funding

Higher Education Funding

Technology has had a great deal of influence over education. The following is a list these current trends in higher education:

•Growing population of students enrolling combined with inadequate infrastructure (faculty, administration, buildings, etc.)

•Changing student needs (lack of time and need for flexibility are foremost)

•Instruction altered to more student centered, non-linear, and self-directed (needed in order to meet the diverse academic needs of students)

•Necessity of lifelong learning classes

Higher education institutions need to take action now, in order to enhance their distance education programs.

There are ways in which schools can meet the current trends through distance education. The website has given future and current students access to information quickly. The majority of the states have become a part of statewide coordinating board or consortium of distance education learning programs.

The Value Of Higher Education

Tuition and other fees associated with getting a higher education can be quite substantial. The cost of studying at a public college is much lower. Are there benefits of getting a higher education? Other benefits of higher education include better work conditions, social recognition, higher level of savings, improved quality of life, and much more.

Higher Education

Technology Trends in Higher Education

And The Value Of Higher Education>>You Must Know About Education Learning And Teaching

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