Kindergarten Activity

Is Your Child Ready for School?

Executive Summary about Kindergarten Activity by Sharyl Calhoun

Kindergarten Activities

Kindergarten Activities

Furthermore, aren’t parents qualified to prepare their own youngsters for success in kindergarten?

There certainly are experiences and skills that your child should acquire before he ever enters school. Be assured of this . . . your child’s teacher will be thrilled if your child simply arrives at school ready to learn.

However, many children begin their school years with missing components–social, physical, emotional or cognitive experiences that have somehow been overlooked by caring and concerned parents. The Physical Development of Your Child

Five-year old Jennie had never learned how to climb stairs. As parents, we are well aware that our children need such things as proper exercise and nutrition to maintain good health. We even have their little bodies immunized against the invasion of life-threatening diseases.

Can your child actually suffer ill effects from too little physical activity? Yes! An inactive childhood not only hinders the social and emotional development of your child, but the cognitive development, as well.

So encourage childish games, which include jumping rope, climbing stairs or slides, and making angels in the snow. While you two are enjoying each other’s company, critical pathways are forming in your child’s brain. You’re actually preparing your child for academic learning.

Don’t neglect the arts-and-crafts experiences which help to fine-tune small motor skills. Let your child experiment with a variety of paints, crayons, drawing pads and pencils. Make sure your child has access to building blocks, beginning sewing kits (with a plastic needle), and wooden beads to lace onto colorful shoestrings. So many things parents do each day require careful eye-hand coordination, and fine motor movement. Let your child develop those skills by “helping” you with little chores. You may need to develop “patient parent” skills, but when school days roll around, you’ll be glad you allowed your child to experience the little things in life.

The Emotional Development of Your Child

Others lived with two adults, but because the adults were not married, the children lacked the security that a long-term commitment provides.

“I’m having to spend so much time helping my students cope with family crises, that there is barely enough time for teaching academics!”

For your child’s sake (and your own), maintain a healthy and stable family life. The stress level at home plays a most crucial role in the your child’s academic success. A child’s physical and emotional needs demand to be met. Before parents move toward a divorce, they must consider the effect their decision will have on their children. Psychologists tell us that divorce or desertion has the same effect on a child as the death of a parent. As children of divorce struggle to cope with the grief and confusion of troubled homes, learning takes a back seat.

The Cognitive Development of Your Child

Take your child to the grocery store. Be prepared to answer embarrassing questions!

Play board games and guessing games with your child. You can’t begin to imagine how many skills you are teaching your child when playing games together.

Talking is teaching a child about life! It’s just a matter of making your child a part of your day–a part of your life! Attention to these practical suggestions now will help your child be better prepared for every aspect of school life–his relationships, his self-confidence, and even his reading, writing, and math skills!

And, finally, read with your child every day! Learning to read should be the natural result of parents reading to their children.

The Spiritual and Moral Development of Your Child

On Monday, they read “happy” books, and each child told what made him or her happy. The innocence of childhood is challenged the moment your child steps out of the door. It doesn’t always make a difference whether she attends a public school or a private school. You can’t protect your child from the negatives of our world forever. She must be prepared to react properly to bad words, to stories about inappropriate activity, and to children who have experienced the rough side of life. Share your own faith with your child. Church can be a wonderful place to find help in your child’s moral and spiritual development. Preparing your child for school requires much of your time and attention.

Kindergarten Activity

Is Your Child Ready for School?>>You Must Know About Education Learning And Teaching

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