Elementary School Teacher

Is Being an Elementary Education Teacher Right for You?

Executive Summary about Elementary School Teacher by Sandra Wilson

Elementary School Teachers

Elementary School Teachers

Elementary education is usually thought of as the first section of compulsory education that children undergo. Depending upon how the school district or state defines this, the elementary education period is Kindergarten through fifth grade usually followed by middle school or junior high which is grades 6 – 8. Some systems call for junior high to be 7 – 9 with the elementary grades being K – 6.

As you can see, this means that you could very well be the first academic teacher that many children have, realizing their parents have taught them many things before them entering grade school. So perhaps the first question to realizing if being an elementary school teacher is right for you is do you like children?

You may very well have your hands full with 30 or more bright energetic students all day long making almost constant bids for your attention. Contrary to some beliefs, a shy retiring academic is not the best person to handle 30 elementary students.

Next is the educational process you will go through to become a school teacher. At a minimum, you will need to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.

Many states also require further certification and/or a master’s degree to teach, if not at soon as you start teaching, then shortly thereafter. Take a good hard look around the Internet and read the stories of teachers online. Ask any long term teachers you know about what the real working life of an elementary school teacher is.

Elementary School Teacher

Is Being an Elementary Education Teacher Right for You?>>You Must Know About Education Learning And Teaching

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