Preschool Curriculum

Preschool Curriculum – Let the Calendar be Your Guide

Executive Summary about Preschool Curriculum by Mary Robinson and Mary Joyce

Curriculum For Preschool

Curriculum For Preschool

When planning a preschool curriculum, most instructors like to use the calendar year and its occurrences as their basic structural component. This keeps the curriculum relevant and current which helps to further reinforce the lessons in the children’s young minds, since it wouldn’t really make much sense to learn about Halloween at Easter or vice versa.

As children master this system, they’ll learn how to anticipate the activities of each day, which will help to strengthen their sense of logical reasoning and deduction.

September through June

Also, the theme of winter can continue to be explored through sports, the weather, and snow. As the season change, a unit on spring can be introduced, with focus on plants and flowers. When there’s a lull in the calendar, it gives instructors an opportunity to be a little more creative with their preschool curriculum. Some instructors like to take suggestions from the children on what themes they’d like to explore, which helps children feel more a part of the process.

Build Your Own Preschool Curriculum

In the broad sense there is the option of purchasing a homeschool preschool program from one of the many preschool curriculum providers.

Take on the approach of an everyday life experience with your preschooler. If you’re a bit stuck in the middle with what you prefer being a bit more on the structured side of a packaged preschool curriculum but your budget is definitely more in line with the latter, then why not design your own preschool curriculum!

Start with a rough outline of what your learning goals are for your preschooler. Use the various seasons and holidays to develop broad theme type of learning material. Learning by experiencing life at the preschool age is extremely important and it is a great way to keep your preschooler’s attention.

You can refine the list later.

There are ideas galore out on the web! Have fun and enjoy the journey.

Preschool Curriculum

Preschool Curriculum – Let the Calendar be Your Guide >>You Must Know About Education Learning And Teaching

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