Public School Education

Public-School True Believers with a Mission

Executive Summary about Public School Education Joel Turtel

Public Schools Education

Public Schools Education

Public-school true believers often fall into this category — for over a hundred years, education “experts” have been tormenting our children with public schools, allegedly for the children’s benefit.

From the 1850s to the 1920s, public-school activists such as Horace Mann and John Dewey worked to create a public-school system like the one they admired in Prussia (Germany). Mann and Dewey considered public education a religion, with a holy mission to mold children and society. Mann and Dewey wanted the schools to have total control over children’s lives.

This meant removing parents’ influence over their children. To create a socialist America, public schools had to mold generations of children into the habit of obedience. Public Schools Expand Their Control Over Our Children By the early twentieth century, public schools had expanded their functions into areas undreamed of in the 1850s.

Schools took on the role of social agencies, with nurses, social centers, playgrounds, school showers, kindergartens, and “Americanization” programs for immigrants. Public schools became a major agency for social control.

Unfortunately, today’s public schools are fulfilling Mann’s and Dewey’s socialist vision with a vengeance. Public schools also now spend billions of dollars for psychological counseling, school-lunch programs, parent welfare-outreach programs, special-education classes, bilingual classes, early-childhood programs, drug and sex education classes, as well as programs for millions of “at-risk” or “special-needs” children.

Many public-school apologists believe that your children’s education must be dictated by local governments and school authorities.

Public School Education

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