Teaching – Top Ten Benefits

Executive article about Teaching by Graysen Walles

Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies

Let’s face it folks, many times teachers get a bad rap. However, if you are an educator you know the real deal. Typically it is always that one bad teacher(s) in our profession that make us all look bad-every profession has this problem. The good news is that most educators are sharp, professional and sometimes very hip. Kids enjoy us, and many parents support our efforts-it’s always the minority that make our jobs tougher.
At the end of the day, most teachers realize that teaching has some great benefits, but mostly we don’t come into this profession for the tangible benefits, we do it because it is an awesome career. Actually, we do it because Teaching is the Greatest Career on the Planet. I am confident that most will agree.

So, besides the fact that we love what we do, there are a few great benefits. This is my attempt to list them in order of priority. Here is my Top Ten List. Put your humor hat on for some of these…

10. Significance – What we do as educators is simple-we change the world. Think about it, most every adult in society has had to pass through our classrooms or hallways. They have had to listen to our lectures, run in our gyms, dissect an animal or insect in lab, or be suspended from school in our offices. In some way we have made an indelible mark on every human being on earth. Our career is significant, unlike many careers that exists as a means for entertainment or greed. Teaching, education exists to guide children through the maturation process of becoming a responsible, independent thinking and compassionate human being.

9. Rewarding – What career, or job offers the unique ability to influence, nurture and guide people from child to adulthood. There are a few, but none spend as much time with their client base as does teachers. Further, we have the responsibility to help make responsible citizens for the perpetuity of our democracy and way of life. Every teacher in every country has the same responsibility. At some point we will see how our investment matures as our students graduate from elementary, middle and high school; and then move on to college and a meaningful career. This is a rewarding experience.

8. Uniqueness – There is no other profession in the world like teaching. The joys, demands, challenges and triumphs add to the complexity and amazing responsibilities of school teachers, especially public school teachers. I guarantee there is no other career like ours. If you want to be a part of something unique and rewarding, teaching is it. This leads me to lucky number seven…

7. Life Long Relationships – Great teachers develop friends and admirers as they teach and lead. What career offers the ability to be so relational? We work with kids from age 4 to age 18, and some of them come back to thank us for our investment in them. We make friends and sometimes family among our students. Brilliant!

6. Teacher Appreciation Day – Fellow educators, we do have an actual day that is recognized by the American Government. It started somewhere around 1953 during the Roosevelt administration. This is an awesome tribute to what we stand for and what we do. Just wish every community took it more seriously. Major discounts at stores would be nice for one day. I will call President Obama to speak with him about this. I will request that this be added to the stimulus package…could happen.

5. Tenure – Not sure what this means anymore, but a lot of people seem to fight for it. I do know that its intended purpose is to make sure teachers have due process when confronted with discipline or termination. Public Education tenure is vastly different from the tenure of a college professor. Nonetheless, it is a needed benefit for our teachers.

4. Annual Sabbaticals – Of course, some people really think we get vacations. Contrary to popular myth, teachers don’t get vacations, per se. I like to think of our time away as sabbaticals. Webster dictionary defines a sabbatical as a leave from work; a paid leave of absence granted, as to a professor, usually every 7th year, for rest, study, etc. Honestly, educators experience very intense school years, more than any college professor. The time we get is needed, especially for those working in under-resourced communities, where the demand is even greater. That seven year thing wouldn’t work well with us. Besides we typically work during these times anyway…vacation, right!

3. Teachers Retirement Funds and other Benefits– It works different in each state, but most unions or state legislation require adequate teacher retirement funds. I know, what exactly does “adequate” really mean. Not sure, I will find out when I retire. The idea of retirement in other countries is vastly different, sometimes better, other times much worse. There are other benefits too, each benefit is always a little different than what other systems or countries offer. Here is a list of a few things…discounts at stores and restaurants, compensation-better in some areas/countries than others, prestige/honor, free graduate education, free professional development, performance bonuses, etc.

2. License Plates – In most states, teachers can order a special license plate for their car that tells the world that they are educators, or at least support education. Isn’t that cool? Ok, ok, sometimes anyone can get them, but hey they make them because of us. Get the darn plate.

1. Apples – Who really get’s these things anyway? I’ve never had a student give me an apple. I became a teacher to get an apple, and I am staying until I get one…from one of my students of course. Don’t send me any apples!


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