Effective Classroom Management

Executive Summary about Classroom by Adam Waxler

Effective Classroom Management Strategies

Effective Classroom Management Strategies

I often have teachers ask me what is the best approach to classroom management?

As a veteran teacher I have seen far too many teachers fail because of classroom management problems. (Remember, classroom management and student achievement are directly related.)

And, all too often I see teachers resort to all types of crazy classroom management plans trying to get a handle on student behavior.

Unfortunately, many of these classroom management plans involve elaborate systems of rewards and punishment. Likewise, rewarding students for behavior that is expected of them sends the absolutely wrong message. Teachers should not reward a student for acting appropriately in class.

Rewarding appropriate behavior is not effective classroom management, it is bribery and the students will come to expect it. No, the student should behave in class because that is what’s expected. Easy, the key to classroom management is keeping students actively involved in the entire lesson. (Remember, keeping students involved in the lesson is the most effective classroom management plan.)

All-Write: Instead of having students raise their hand to respond to a question aloud, have all the students write down an answer to the teacher’s question. Not only will the teacher get much more class participation, but the quality of student responses will also improve.

Pair/Share: Have students pair up with a partner and share their answers before discussing it as a class. By putting students “on-the-clock” the teacher helps the students stay focused.

Check-for-Understanding: Not understanding the teacher’s directions is a major cause of classroom management issues and student behavior problems.

Do Now: Effective classroom management starts from the second students walk into the classroom. Remember, effective classroom management is not about rewards and punishments. Effective classroom management is about the teacher keeping the students actively involved in the entire lesson. By practicing the teaching strategies above, teachers will greatly reduce classroom management problems.


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