Teaching Jobs

Teaching Jobs Abroad for Newly Qualified Teachers

Executive article about Teaching Jobs by Kelly Blackwell

Teaching Job

Teaching Job

When NQTs search the internet for teaching jobs overseas, the companies that host international teaching recruitment fairs usually show up on the first page of results. NQTs are mistaken if they think their lack of experience means they are not an attractive candidate for many international schools.

1. NQTs are cheap, if a school operates a salary scale based on qualifications and years of teaching experience.

2. NQTs have up-to-date teaching pedagogy and methodology that will bring a fresh perspective to the experienced teachers already employed by the school.

3. In an educational environment that is utilizing information technology more and more, NQTs bring cutting-edge techniques for utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

4. NQTs that are applying for overseas teaching jobs are determined and passionate about teaching abroad. One of the best places to find teaching vacancies in international schools is the TES Jobs website. The TES Jobs website has vacancies listed that say ‘NQTs welcome.’

How can NQTs enhance their resume?

There can be no argument that NQTs don’t have two years of teaching experience… But they can make sure that their resume shines with additional qualifications and experience that will cause international school recruiters to overlook their lack of practical teaching experience. It can also count as experience with multi-lingual and multi-cultural students.

1. NQTs can volunteer to spend time (or get a part-time job) tutoring students who have English as an additional language.

2. NQTs can volunteer to coach or act as assistant coach for a multi-cultural sports team.

3. Completing a teaching practice in an international school is an excellent step in the right direction for an NQT, if the situation arises. Whether the international school is local to the teaching college the NQT is attending, or if the NQT is able to travel abroad, a recommendation letter from the principal at a prominent international school can’t be beaten in value. If attending an international school to complete a teaching practicum is not possible, then the candidate should consider making arrangements to visit one while on vacation abroad.

Teaching abroad is not only for the experienced teacher, there are plenty of vacancies suitable for NQTs.

Teaching Jobs

Teaching Jobs Abroad for Newly Qualified Teachers>>You Must Know About Education Learning And Teaching

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