Distance Education

Distance Education

Executive Summary about Distance Education by Kevin Stith

Distance Learning Education

Distance Learning Education

Distance education, also called distance learning, is a method of offering education either through correspondence or other means of modern technology. Distance education focuses on delivering quality education for students who are not physically present. Started in 1946, the University of South Africa is one of the oldest distance education universities.

Until 1969, distance education remained an important means of education in only a few countries. In 1969, the establishment of the United Kingdom’s Open University brought about a significant change in the field of distance education. A number of other open universities followed suit.

In modern distance education, educational materials are given to the students through various means such as tutorials, audiotapes, videos, satellite broadcasts and CD-ROMs. Remote databases, e-mail, and video conferencing using broadband network are also used. A majority of universities in the United States have distance-learning programs. Beyond doubt, in the near future, distance education will make a tremendous impact on the institutions of higher education.

Distance Education

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