Duping Teacher


By. Mr. Teacher

Duping Items

Duping Items

I intentionally do this paper, so that my eyes opened, the teachers and colleagues, especially the government have the power notabeni policy is strong. I experienced this new – this new, at first I intend to share my knowledge to the teachers – teachers who are in the environment I teach, my short stories are supported by a foundation to teach me to do with the scope of my school district.
Activities that I do make the workshop Web – Log to the teacher who later produced the teacher who does not figure residual of time. Many efforts that I do, which seponsor lobbying and working with institutions that overshadow the teaching
profession (PGRI), but what happens is beyond my power of analysis, most teachers follow a seminar held by EDUCATION OFFICE MEDAN that only listen to someone bercuap – cuap with the cost Rp. 50000, even the participants ruah abundant (thousands of more or less) but what happens with my workshop? very apprehensive heart, the participants not only more than 10 people. In the case of activities that I do can be formed to develop skills of teachers in media education in schools, and not charged (geratis)
This indicates that the government (Office of Education City of Medan) is not a – waste 20% of funds for education for the many activities that are not useful, or in other words conduct activities only scatter funds and merely want a certificate. Review in terms of large skil zero.

Duping Teacher

DUPING TEACHER BY GOVERNMENT POLICY>>You Must Know About Education Learning And Teaching

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