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Investment Advisor

Investment Advisor

Implementation of the portfolio has a base implementation of governance and the implementation of the action in the portfolio, and this is also based some thoughts based on the model – of thought, among others

1. Support/ Pillars  Education

Pillars of education has four pillars that support its educational too, and this is the basis for the portfolio is learning to do, learning to know, learning to be, and learning to live together, this sesuat that proclaimed by UNESCO. In the learning process of adults (teachers) should not be positioned the students as a teacher lecturing listeners (adults) for example with the empty bottle filled with knowledge. Learners should be empowered to be able to do and to enrich the learning experience (learning to do) to increase interaction with their environment both physical environment, social and cultural, that is able to build understanding and educational against the world around it (learning to know). Expected results of its interaction with the environment that apat build knowledge and trust in themselves (learning to be). Bebrbagai opportunity to interact with individuals or groups that vary (learning to live together) will be established to understand the personality and the birth plurality attitude – a positive and tolerant attitude towards diversity and differences of life.

2. Constructive

Thus, students of architecture to become a self that can change the ideas of students themselves. While Educators (teachers and lecturers) only as a facilitator or mediator and the conditions so that learning takes place.

This is apparently a lot of forms and, among others, the discussion, this could cause the climate so that students want to reveal the ideas, research results and simple, Demonstration, and the scientific procedures.

3. Democratic Teaching

Indonesia to reform the middle of the life of democracy in this century must be to think that all institutions are able to support the realization of democratic life in the life – day in the environment of family, school, community, government agencies and non government.

Democratic Teaching is a form of efforts to make the school as the center of democracy through a democratic process. short teaching democratic process is based by the value – the value of democracy, namely the ability of the award, a justice, equality of opportunity to apply and respect the diversity of learners. In practice, teachers should be positioned the students as a human capacity must be respected and be given the opportunity to develop potential.


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