Struggle of Teacher

Struggle of Teacher

By. Mr. Teacher

Education Teacher

Education Teacher

Struggle hampered by a lack of teacher educators in the life of a teacher myself, I want to restore the struggle with a try with the flashback to the perjuagan a teacher with a limited media, facilities, and developing insight.

Here I try to remember while preserving the environment / the earth, the longer we are broken, I tried calling from the start we try ourselves to love this earth.

At some point or another, most students experience times when they struggle with learning concepts in the core subjects – reading, math, and writing. What subject does the student seem to be struggling with? Assessment should help determine if the student is understanding vocabulary at grade level or if he is able to read passages at that level. Determining if the breakdown in the result of instruction or if a learning problem exists is critical to helping the student.

Once teachers have specific information they will be able to implement strategies to improve student performance in the area of need. Strategies are simply the way that teachers choose to teach the students. For students who do not seem to respond to strategies implemented by the classroom teacher, each school should have in place a system of increasing levels of remediation for the student.

The first being strategies that the teacher implements in the classroom. If notes and documentation kept by the teacher shows that the student is still struggling, the student can be placed in the next stage of intervention. Typically this stage involves small group intensive instruction using strategies to address the area the student is struggling in. For example, suppose a student is having difficulty with sight words. Having enough sight words is critical to reading information and stories fluently.

Once the teacher determines what the student needs to know and how to teach that student the necessary sight words, parents can become partners in the process. Parents can be responsible for drill and practice of the words at home or of making sure the student pre-reads the material to look for known and unknown sight words, practicing those words in isolation and then reading the story or material assigned to the student.

If parents are given the strategy the teacher is using to help remediate the problem, they can use that same strategy at home. This way parents and teachers become partners in the learning process.

Struggle of Teacher

Struggle of Teacher>>You Must Know About Education Learning And Teaching

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