School Teachers

Public School Teachers – A Lesson in Mediocrity

Executive Summary about School Teacher by Mac Mcmann

School Teacher

School Teacher

If the American Public School system were a corporation it would be sued, and then closed for bankruptcy. The teachers make the average united auto worker of the eighties look like employee of the year. As a student they went through school with the lone talent of being able to regurgitate the teacher’s lesson, never a creative thought in their head. Their idea of human achievement was earning the perfect attendance record for the semester so they could hang it on their wall. When looking for careers, future teachers had to look no farther then those under achieving adults that patted them on the head like a faithful dog, their current teachers. Many times forming improper but usually relationships.

The public school teacher is a sanctuary for the mediocre. Kids that learn differently, have different interests, act out, are to be identified, isolated, and labeled. In short any kid that demonstrates abilities that might become future leaders, are to be ostracized, and/or medicated. It is never a requirement of the school to change their direction.

There are a few teachers that do have something to offer. Generally these folks went out to achieve something in the adult world, and then returned to share their knowledge with the kids. They themselves have learned something in their life, and want to share this knowledge, and inspire today’s youth. It is a decent and proper thing to do, and it shows today’s youth well rounded adults do exist.

The mediocre teacher left high school, straight for an under achieving state college, that offers education as a major, and then quickly returns back to high school, this time at the front of the class. What do these people have to teach? What do they have to offer high school students? Nothing? They have no life experience, they have not challenged themselves.

School Teacher

Public School Teachers – A Lesson in Mediocrity>>You Must Know About Education Learning And Teaching

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