With Teacher

What Are the Qualities of a Good Teacher?

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It is also assumed that the teacher under discussion is one who teaches secondary school and/or junior college.

First of all, a teacher must know his profession thoroughly. He must know his subject for beyond the point he intends to teach. For example, if he is teaching chemistry, he should know all the chemistry-related fields and careers out there. The teacher needs to translate those abstract concepts and turn them into interesting things that the students can relate in their everyday life. Knowing his subject is of no use if he does not know how, or does not bother to, teach it most effectively to his students. Many times, we have seen scholars-turned-teacher that fumble big time when they started their teaching careers. Though it is true that in a secondary school and/or college, students should take responsibility for their own learning, it would be dull and boring to learn from a teacher who does not present his subject in an interesting manner.

It is the teachers’ duty to promote love of his subject among his students. An ineffective teacher usually by his lack of enthusiasm and interest, will cause his subject to be hated by the students. So often, we have hear students complaining about how much they hate a certain subject and when we asked them in details, the answers always fall back to their “teacher”.

It for such reasons that a teacher should adopt good teaching methods instead of resorting to easier methods like just reading out of a textbook, or even worst – students have “Peers Teaching – students teach students!”, Online Teaching, “Read That Chapter On Your Own”.

Every teacher must be genuinely interested in his job. Over and above teaching his subject, a teacher has the responsibility to develop the characters if the students in his life. Quite often, a teacher is a student role model. A teacher should always be aware of his responsibility. Since the birth of civilisations, teachers have been the pillars of society. Teachers are the ones who guarantee that our tomorrows will be as good as, if not better than, our today.

With Teacher

What Are the Qualities of a Good Teacher? >>You Must Know About Education Learning And Teaching

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