Strickland to Speak Education Reform

Strickland To Speak Education Reform

Strickland to speak education reform

Strickland to speak education reform

FOSTORIA, Ohio – Governor Ted Strickland highlighted some of the education reform plan Monday during a visit to the Fostoria High School.

Among the topics of education reforms the governor highlighted is modernizing classrooms, learn more days, and intervention programs. He would also like to train educators more intense at this time and change the minds of the Ohio Graduation Test.

“The federal stimulus dollars will help us,” said Gov. Strickland. “No one suggested that I give money back, and do not use it. It is right to use it, and if no more, we will use state resources.”

He spoke to teachers, students and parents in high school in Fostoria plan for the future of state education. Most of the vision has been made possible by federal funding.

Strickland said one of his ideas to strengthen the teaching profession.

“We want all new teachers have a four-year residency program, and serve under the mentorship of the teacher,” he said.

Mentorship program of education which will not leave the teacher alone in the classroom at the right bat. In the end, the extra training will result in more pay for teachers.

“I think teachers should be paid more money,” said Kim Rickle from Fostoria. “We have very good teachers in this school, and they should be compensated.”

Another sticking point is the gov. Strickland’s ideas to stop the totally dependent on the Ohio Graduation Test as a way to assess students’ ability. ACT is a better way to measure that, together with the senior project course and exam.

“Change does not happen overnight but we know that there are changes happening every day in class,” he said.

During the presentation, Gov. Strickland has been met with some opposition. A few teachers did not agree with the governor, believe that the OGT is a good way to measure the ability of students. They are also some ideas how that will be funded.

Cynthia Lemmerman, supervisor of School Fostoria, who like most of the ideas that the governor has been on education reform. He entered the school districts have some idea of the governor.


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