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Holiday Preschool

Holiday Preschool

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The Rockett Report
Materials Required: 1 egg
Time of activity: 15-20 minutes
Concept Taught: Problem Solving
Read the rhyme Humpty Dumpty to seed. Place the plastic
on the floor and have students use the blocks from the Block Center
to build a wall. It’s the fresh, raw eggs, such as decorated
Humpty Dumpty. Read the nursery rhyme using the egg as
Humpty Dumpty. During the recitation of two or three,
“accidentally” drop Humpty Dumpty. When he fell and
rest, will be surprised and ask how we will improve it.
Explain that all the kings horses and all the king’s
men can not put Humpty together again. Then let
every child the opportunity to try to improve the egg.
Children will learn all things that can not be fixed.
However, the problem of skills will be conducted and
children will have a lot of fun in the process.


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